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Sunday, November 15, 2015

How to handle your looks before and after your plane trip.

Was supposed to blog a week ago but was quite sick,  Topic of the day: make up before you get on and after you get off. I love to wear colored contact lens but it becomes a pain if it doesn't match the description of your eye color on the passport. So i tried a couple of ways to get the lens off and on quickly. I think colored lens has become a part of me, I am sure some of you ladies know how it feels to go out without the colored lens. Its like not wearing clothes... but for the eye.. HAHAHA

Make up on, first thing i would want to remove is my contact lens ( I didn't have any false lashes on, apply that later when i have reached my destination). So before going through to immigration i would be asked to remove my colour lens. Problem solved in a instant. Here are the things required. Contact lens case, a mirror, tweezers and cotton tips.
To remove the contact lens at a very easy fast pace, all you have to do is bend the cotton tips in half so it takes the form of tweezers. Then all you have to do is point the two tips at each side of the lens and squeeze. It should push the contact lens together and then just drop it in the lens case. No hassle and very quick. Now you can proceed through to immigration.

On a long flight once the seat belt sign is off, i will use Nivea's 3 in 1 make up clear foam wash and remove my make up. What makes this product soo good is that it takes out all the make up, making sure that its clean enough and to not worry that any make up missed could enter my pores when applying mask. By the way these beauties are 100g each, so you can carry it on the plane, just remember to put them in sandwich locked bags and take them out at bag checks.
 Nivea extra white make up clear 3 in 1 foam is for all make up users with dull and damaged skins. Contains Pearl-whitening complex, proven to give 10 times better whitening efficacy than vitamin c. The 3 in 1 effects are:

  1. Make up Remover effect: thoroughly cleanses 10 make up residues.
  2. Cleansing Foam with Whitening effect: remove impurities from deep pores for 10 times fairer, water-like skin.
  3. Toner effect: tighten pores for smoother-looking skin.

This is a really good gel masque that I like to carry onto long flights. Preferably a better choice over normal mask, don't want to scare the people on the plane,

The ultra gentle, hydrating and calming gel masque, provides intensive hydration and retains moisture. Helps alleviate discomfort of redness and sensitive complexion. Repairs and protects skin cells. The perfect SOS solution for a long plane trip.
One box comes with 20 sachets, each of these sachets contain quite a far bit of gel. I had covered my entire face and still had a teaspoon of gel left in the packet so i also applied it to my neck. Now just sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the flight. Preferably do not want to use a mask that you place on your face: a) people will stare at you, b) it doesn't look great, c) then you have to throw it away. However on short flights if you want, you can use really thin masks that only require 20 mins application and after that just place it in one of those paper bags they provide in the seat pocket in front and pass it to the air-hosts. 

Okay the plane is almost reaching its destination, take out the make up bag and apply make up like so. Remember to leave the contact lens till after you gone through immigration at your destination. Some masks do require rinsing out, but this gel masque you can just make up straight on. Bon voyage everyone 

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